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SDAC can be applied to achieve compliance with various regulatory requirements. Some of the examples are:

ITAR / EAR are state and commerce department regulations that prohibit export of certain sensitive technology or information to non-US persons or entities. In a globalizing world, increasingly various parties are gaining access to technology platforms within a corporation. SDAC can help you secure such ITAR/EAR sensitive assets and information from non-permitted access.

European Data Privacy
Many European countries have strict data privacy standards. Because of this corporations can’t effectively use assets across countries. With SDAC corporations can comply with European Data Privacy laws while allowing effective use of existing assets.

Patient privacy is an important aspect of healthcare industry and a key legal/regulatory requirement from service providers. SDAC can help healthcare integrators to effectively shield patient’s private information from various providers in its network.

Financial (PCI / DSS / SOX)
Cardholder data access, segregation of duties and privileges is an important requirement from financial stand point. SDAC can help you achieve effective segregation and compliance with real time monitoring of access control.

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
Manufacturing, oil & gas and many other industries have strict environmental and health & safety regulations. SDAC can help manage EH&S policies centrally so that compliance is easier and instant.