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Who We Are

Sewashree is a Chandler, Arizona based start-up founded with the vision to enable corporations to bring a diverse set of employees and external partners on board while ensuring security, privacy, and protection of critical information assets while strengthening regulatory compliance.

What We Offer

Sewashree offers a new technology SDAC (Smart Dynamic Access Control) and SDAC enabled solutions. Using this technology and solutions, a corporation can spread its operations across geographies, divisions, and global partners while ensuring security, privacy, and secrecy of important information systems and assets.

Why This is Important

Today’s corporations are not monolithic organizations. They work as an extended enterprise. This also exposes them to the risk of loss of critical information and unwanted exposure resulting in financial loss, competitive loss, or even regulatory violations. SDAC allows corporations to extend with ease and confidence.

How Do You Know SDAC is for YOU

If you are CxO / VP / Director and concerned about information safety/security/privacy in any of the following situations; then SDAC may help.
  • Allowing employees from another country to access your systems ..
  • Allowing employees from another division / department onto your systems ..
  • Outsourcing back office operations ..
  • Outsourcing engineering design / development / testing ..
If you are an outsourcing provider and you are losing opportunities because the customer is concerned about safety/security/privacy then SDAC may help.
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Our Values

  • Deliver Results On Time Everytime
  • Treat Everybody With Respect
  • Act With Integrity
  • Grow With Community